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Credit: @ace_drone_photo_and_film

About Us

Andrew and Suzanne are originally city dwellers (Suzanne from Sydney and Andrew from Yorkshire in England). We made the tree change to Morpeth many years ago and we truly love it here. We live and work in Morpeth but we are fortunate to have work that takes us all over Australia. Our love of travel (domestic and international) has given us vast experience as guests in all types of accommodation. What we love most is cultural immersion - where you can really get the feel of what it's like to live like a local. Using our travel experience and, taking ideas from some of our favourite hosts (such as in Tasmania, the south of France and Vermont in the USA) we have fashioned Elendar as an immersive, authentic village experience. We hope you will love it!

We are very happy to share our special country cottage with you so that you can live like a local while you're here. Who knows, you might decide on a tree change yourself!

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